Teacher - Assessment Proctoring

Please reference this guide as resource before launching your first assessment within Pivot. This user guide may also be used to address FAQs presented by teachers prior to launching their first assessment. 

A Benchmark has been assigned into one or more of your classes, now what?

Once an assessment has been scheduled into your class (such as a benchmark scheduled by a district Inspect Manager), or by your self in the form of a Shared Assessment or Teacher-Created Assessment, you can find it through a class in which it is assigned: 

  • Filter by "My Classes" on your Classes Dashboard under Daily Assessments. 
  • *If looking for a class with a benchmark scheduled, you may filter specifically for this. 
  • Navigate to one of your classes and select the settings icon. 

Inside your class, select "Assessments" and click on the blue hyperlink (the assessment title)

** You may also quickly access the assessment assigned to your class(es) through the "Assessments" menu item under Daily Assessments. From here, you may also select the name of the assessment and /or the settings icon next to the assessment to launch into the Assessment Dashboard (discussed below).

How can I preview the Assessment?

Inside the assessment (on the "Assessment Dashboard"), you can view the questions, settings, preview the assessment from a student view, print the assessment and / or the answer key, and view any teacher instructions that accompany the test. 

How do I manage student progress before, during, after the assessment is given?

The Assessment Dashboard allows a teacher to manage students to which the assessment is assigned before, during, and after submission.

  • You may exempt a student from taking the test by selecting the red minus sign next to their name. 
  • You may monitor start and submission times and view a score after submission
  • You may wipe away students' results and have them restart their test by selecting the restart icon after submission. 

What should my students expect during the test?

When the test is available to students (when the test window opens), the students can easily find their available assessments in two ways:

As soon as a student logs in, they are taken to their Class Dashboard. All classes with an available assessment will have a green message for the student.

The student may select their class, and locate their assessment and the green "Play" button under the "Assignments" within their class. 

-- Or --

Students may access their assessment through their "Assessment Dashboard" and select the "Play / Begin" button directly from here. 

For information on the student's testing experience, please reference this user guide