New Staff Evaluations Dashboard

Learn about our NEW dashboard for evaluators.


*Toggle on Switch to New Dashboard if needed

The dashboard is populated with your evaluating staff and shows data for the current school year. 

To add a new staff member, click on the green add icon

Select one or multiple staff members you wish to add

Click on the green Add Staff button

To remove a staff member from your dashboard click on the red minus icon

Select Remove

Hover over a specific dot to display more information

You can view: Evaluator, Date Started, Date Finalized, Scripts, Documents and Feedback

View historical information on a staff member by clicking on the file icon

This will direct you to the selected staff member's portfolio

The legend at the top translates the meaning of the dots on each staff card. 

Use the legend to see if the observation was planned, unplanned, in progress or a shared observation.

To start a new observation:

Click on the add icon

Select Start Observation

Enter in the correct information

  1. Staff member
  2. Rubric
  3. Type of Observation
  4. Domains observed

Click the green begin button

Once your observation is complete, go to the finalize tab

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select finalize observation

Sort your staff cards by different filters

  • Name
  • Observations
  • Evaluations
  • Activity Date

Favorite staff cards by selecting the star icon in the bottom left of the staff card

View only starred cards

If you have any action items that are still pending approval, this is displayed in the top right corner of your screen

Select either PGP or SLO to view the action item

Search for a specific staff member in the search bar

Tell us what you think about the new Staff Evaluations Dashboard

Access the feedback form by clicking on the orange tab on the left side of your screen

Complete the Feedback Form