View ILEARN Results

Pivot’s Data Warehouse stores and displays all ILEARN results, including overall scale scores, Lexile and Quantile measures, and individual results on subsections.


To view ILEARN results, follow the steps below.

  1. Select View by Test from the Data Warehouse menu.


  2. Click the ILEARN tab, select appropriate filters, and click Search.


  3. (Optional) Click the graphs icons on the left. Use the toggles to select which data are displayed.


  4. Review the results in the table. Note that information is organized alphabetically by students' last names. To sort by other factors, click the target column header (e.g., Lexile). The first click will sort data from low to high. A second click will sort data from high to low.


  5. To view subsection scores, select one or more students using the check boxes to the left of students' names. Note that the checkbox in the grey header will select all students. Once you’ve made your selections, click the blue button labeled View Longitudinal Data. This will summarize the performance of selected students.


  6. To view individual subsection scores, navigate to the very bottom of the page. Find and click the target school year and grade level (e.g., 2018-2019 - Grade 6). This will reveal a list of student names. Click a student’s name to see individual subsection scores.


Note: If your ILEARN data is not appearing in your Pivot site, please email