[ARCHIVE] Create a New Student Plan

“Student Plans” was formerly known as “Interventions”

Your Student Plans Dashboard allows for simple filtering.

From the Dashboard, existing plans can also be edited or deleted.

To create a new plan, select “New Student Plans”

You have the ability to search for students by selecting one of your previously-created groups, utilizing the search feature, or by selecting from the prepopulated list that will appear (listing is based on roster syncs and access levels established in your Pivot site).

Before selecting “Create”, you must also choose a template.

You can choose from one of our several plan templates and / or create a custom template!

The first page of each form includes demographic information (which can be pulled over from your SIS) and general plan information to be completed.

The first page also includes historical plan information for the student.

The Data Tab pulls in all assessment data that lives within Pivot for that student. Please use this data to inform your plan.

*Your Five-Star Pivot Account Manager can answer questions regarding available assessment data in your site.

The Form that you are to complete is dependent upon the template you selected initially.

*Forms can be customized and created by your district Pivot Admins.

To add a goal to the plan, select “New Goal”

Complete the accompanying form. Be sure to be specific and intentional.

Add a strategy and / or accomodation to support progress and yield goal mastery.

Note: Strategies and Accommodations available for selection can be modified by any district Pivot Admin.

Notes can be added to your plan to provide additional information to stakeholders and to inform future action.

The progress tab allows educators to easily track the growth of their students.

Educators will select or create an applicable benchmark and determine a targeted score.

Progress made toward the target score can be documented.

Once the student achieves or exceeds the target score, a check will appear under “passing”.

Applicable resources can be uploaded into the student plan.

Files such as a student goal-planning sheet, 504 plan, or call log may be useful in a student plan.

Finally, you may share your created plan with other colleagues and determine their access level (viewing or editing).

Note: Viewing access to Student plans are automatically shared to teachers who have that student on their roster file (if your district has a roster sync in place)