What are the Awesome 8 tags?

At Pyxis, we believe in creating awesome learning experiences for kids. If you’ve used technology in the classroom, you know that devices and digital tools alone don’t generate student engagement. Our experts have found that awesome learning occurs when teachers use technology to engage students with information in new or innovative ways. As a result, we have identified eight specific opportunities where technology can have a tremendous impact on student learning. All of the resources in Pyxis can be filtered using these Awesome 8 tags. We believe that teaching isn’t about the tool. Instead, it is about giving students the opportunity to Connect, Reflect, Explore, Produce, Think, Collaborate, Share, and Model.
PyxisEdu is powered by Five-Star Technology Solutions, a company that believes in the power of technology to enhance teaching. We provide many integration services including analysis and strategic planning, all of which are based on our belief in the Awesome 8 Learning Opportunities. If you would like more information about our other services or our Pivot software, please visit our website, give us a call, or hit us up on social media. We would love to have you as a partner in making learning awesome.