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Every district has an assigned Five-Star Pivot Account Manager that will assist your district Pivot Admin with site setup and implementation. Site setup will include some or all of the following pieces: 

Data Warehouse

The Pivot Data Warehouse Module grants teaching staff, building principals, and support staff access to student data (both historical and current) in a variety of ways. Access to data is informed by user roles in Pivot. 

User Roles in Pivot - (Assignment of roles and buildings is part of the initial site setup and / or can be managed within Pivot or via LDAP / Google Authentication - see User Management). 

  • Teachers - Have access to data of the students on their current roster. 

  • Supers - (Usually building principals, guidance counselors, special service staff, coaches, etc.) They have access to student data based on building assignments and rosters. 

  • Pivot Admins - Have access to all data within the site. 

Rosters are needed to effectively tie users to student data. 

Pivot's Early Warning Indicator System is also accessible through the Data Warehouse Module. Please see the roster definition file that designates required EWIS fields. The following is also needed: 

Student Plans

The Student Plans module is used to track and monitor student progress. Rosters and / or student users are key ingredients for successful use of the Student Plans module. 

Pivot Admins have the ability to create and edit the following - 

  • Templates

  • Intervention Strategies 

  • Reasons for Referral 

Daily Assessments 

The Daily Assessments module is used by staff and students for Inspect formative assessment. The Pivot Admin can - 

Student's Yearly Enrollment is generated by a full roster import (with student user authentication fields completed) or a complete student user import. 

Daily Assessments Best Practice Guide (Coming Soon) 

Staff Evaluations

The Staff Evaluations module is used as an interactive evaluation platform. The District Pivot Admin can - 

Staff Evaluations Best Practices Guide