Why does Pyxis say my account isn't active?


You are trying to login but Pyxis returns a message that says, "You account is not currently active."  There could be two reasons your account is not currently active. If you have confirmed that neither of the reasons fit your circumstances, but you are still receiving this message, please put in a help request and we will get you fixed. ASAP.


Google Authentication

You may be getting this error because you are not logged into the correct Google Account.

This can be tricky. If you are using the red "Login with Google" button, you must make sure that you are signed in with your school Google account. If you are not sure how to check see the instructions below:

Google Chrome Browsers:

  1. Click on the name in the very top of your Chrome browser which is located in the upper, right-hand corner.

  2. The name of the account at the top of the list should be your school Google account.

  3. If this is NOT your school account, click on "Manage People" at the bottom of the drop down menu.
  4. When the dialogue box opens, click on "Add Person."
  5. Login to your school Google account and Link your data. DO NOT link data if you are using a public or shared computer.
  6. Navigate to www.pyxisedu.com and login.

Other Browsers:

  1. Navigate to www.google.com and look in the upper, right-hand corner of the webpage to see if you are logged in to a your Google account. If you are NOT logged in, you will see a blue "Sign In" button. (See below)

  2. Click the "Sign In' button and enter your Google account information and password. Once you are logged in the user information should look like this:
Expired Account

Your PyxisEdu Account might have expired.

Your PyxisEdu account is authorized through a contract with your school corporation. If that contract has expired or not been renewed your Pyxis account may not be active. In order to find out about your account status please contact your building administrator, or send us a help request.

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